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Policy Recommendations

Policy Recommendations

Pursuant to OLEO’s authority under K.C.C. 2.75.040(D), OLEO reviews and makes timely recommendations to the King County Sheriff regarding changes to the Sheriff’s Office’s office policies, rules, procedures or general orders. The Sheriff’s Office is required to consult with OLEO before implementing changes to all general orders, as well as policies and procedures relating to administrative investigations and reviews, unless prior implementation is deemed necessary to address urgent circumstances. Below is a list of recommendations OLEO has provided to the Sheriff’s Office on new policies or policy revisions.

The most recent version of King County Sheriff’s Office General Orders Manual (GOM) can be found here.

Policy Number (GOM) Policy Subject Policy Issues/Recommendation Highlights Date KCSO Notified KCSO Response to OLEO Recommendations  Memo
 16.04.000 Use of Interpreters Addresses when and how interpreters should be used for both hearing-impaired and limited-English proficiency individuals. It also provides recommendations on protocols for reporting language barriers and use of force.    3/20/23 Pending Yes
 6.00.000 Use of Force Adopt the Washington State Attorney General's Model Policy and make use of force on fleeing persons more restrictive.  2/22/23 Pending No
17.19.000  Photo Montage The presenter of a photo montage shall require the witness to clearly and specifically state who they are identifying should the witness choose a photograph in the montage. The instructions shall be available in multiple language.   11/14/22 Partially Adopted No
6.00.000 Use of Force Adopt the Washington State Attorney General's Model Policy and make use of force on fleeing persons more restrictive.  11/7/22 Partially Adopted Yes
 N/A Body-Worn Camera Video Release Release body-worn camera video 72 hours after a critical incident.
10/26/22 Not Adopted  Yes
 3.03.000 Investigation of Personnel Misconduct Create a new classification system for misconduct complaints against deputies. The new policy is intended to create a process for expediting some complaints, providing community resources to complainants, and increasing the efficiency of the overall complaint and investigative process.   6/10/22 Pending No
 14.01.000 Body-Worn Cameras Remove discretionary recording, limit review of recordings before interviews, retain all videos according to retention policy regardless if accidental, create separate release policy.   3/4/22 Partially Adopted Yes
 5.01.025 Recording Interrogations Revise policy language defining "imminent threat" from "immediate danger" to instead say "specific immediate danger" to clarify that a generalized threat/danger is not sufficient to satisfy an exception to advisement of "Miranda" rights. Recommend that deputies shall not have a pre-interrogation conversation without turning on the recorder.  12/22/21 Not Adopted No
 14.00.015 IAPro OLEO access to IAPro (the platform used to track Sheriff's Office internal investigations and Use of Force incidents) cannot be limited by the GOM. Create clear guidelines for personnel use to prevent accidental violations and promote public transparency. Do not indicate discipline implications in policy to remain consistent with the GOM. 


Pending Yes
 9.01.025 Eluding, No Pursuit Require documentation of cases of eluding without law enforcement pursuit. This documentation allows audit of compliance with recent Washington State vehicle pursuit laws.  9/7/21 Adopted No
 3.03.000 Investigations of Personnel Misconduct Create a new classification system for misconduct complaints against deputies. The new policy is intended to create a process for expediting some complaints, providing community resources to complainants, and increasing the efficiency of the overall complaint and investigative process.  Multiple notifications in 2021 Pending No
 14.01.000 Body-Worn Cameras Lift the prohibition on random review of body-worn camera recordings, and remove the provisions allowing for discretionary recording and expedited deletion of accidental recordings.  



Partially Adopted No
 6.00.000 Use of Force Communicate requirements and prohibitions surrounding use of force without leaving policy up for interpretation. Situational nuances should be captured in training.   7/15/21 Partially Adopted No
 N/A Internal Investigations Unit Standard Operating Procedures Include what information should be documented in a follow-up incident report. Clarify the mediation process. Clarify who can be present for Internal Investigation Unit interviews.   5/13/21 Partially Adopted No
 N/A Administrative Review Team Standard Operating Procedures Conduct an initial in-person interview (at minimum audio recorded) as soon as possible after a critical incident.  3/26/21  Partially Adopted No
N/A Manual Format Member responsibilities should be incorporated directly into the procedures laid out in the GOM, and that the GOM should maintain a consistent numbering system and policy structure for each section. 2/11/2021 Pending No
 6.02.000  Administrative Review of Critical Incidents Conduct formal administrative interviews for all involved personnel. Make union representative and department legal advisor non-voting members in CIRB. Implement a list of questions for the CIRB to answer.    12/4/2020 Pending Yes
 4.00.000  Uniforms and Identification Require commissioned officers to carry an authorized badge and identification card, clarify planned and/or foreseen events, and require arrest teams to be clearly and immediately identifiable.
12/1/2020 Pending Yes
7.00.000   Appearance, Duty Belt, and Uniforms The policy should explicitly state permitted exemptions that may likely occur within historically marginalized groups and that gendered appearance requirements be removed from the policy to ensure inclusion of transgender and non-binary officers.  11/23/2020 Pending Yes
 3.03.300 Mediation Program  Allow mediation to be used for more employee to employee complaints. Among OLEO's recommendations are that mediation shall not be used when an employee makes a complaint involving bias by a supervisor or when a complaint involves dishonesty. 
9/28/2020 Pending Yes
 3.00.015(1)(g) Discrimination KCSO's policy on discrimination should include off duty incidents.    9/16/2020 Pending Yes
 3.00.030(1) Bias Based Policing New language for this policy to clarify the actions that are covered under bias-based policing.
9/16/2020 Pending Yes
 9.01.000 Pursuit of Motor Vehicles Revise the risk hazard analysis, clarify uniform requirements, state that a PIT maneuver executed over 35 miles per hour may be considered deadly force, and to change "immediate" to "imminent" throughout the policy.  9/15/2020  Partially Adopted Yes
 6.03.030 Using the Taser CEW  Deputies shall not use a taser on persons that are fleeing unless reasonable suspicion or probable cause exists. 8/3/2020 Pending Yes
6.01.000, 6.02.000, Supervisor Checklist  Use of Force Investigation and Reporting  For serious force/critical incidents, the first statement obtained from substantially involved members must be through an in-person recorded interview, not a written statement. Consider organizing the policy by different categories of force. 
10/16/2019 Partially Adopted Yes
 6.04.000 Less Lethal Weapons Deputies shall provide clear directions and warning and if not safe or feasible to do so articulate why and that aid shall be called whenever a subject is pepper sprayed.  9/19/2019 Partially Adopted Yes
 6.00.000 Use of Force Adopt a de-escalation definition that is more descriptive and includes the purpose for using de-escalation techniques, and to assert that subjects of force shall be evaluated by aid, as soon as possible, when there is an obvious, suspected, or alleged injury.  9/13/2019 Partially Adopted Yes
 4.03.025  Off-Duty Exception Probation Lateral/Phase 4 deputies Include a cap on the number of off-duty hours a lateral or phase 4 deputy can work while on probation.  10/29/2018 Not Adopted Yes
 3.03 Mediation Program If an employee participates in mediation in good faith, IAPro reflect a disposition of "dismissed" to make it consistent with the CBA. We also recommended that the GOM be updated accordingly.   2/15/2018 Not Adopted Yes
6.04.055  Less Lethal Shotgun Restrict the use of the less lethal shotgun to, "physically resistive... subjects who pose an imminent threat", prohibit the use of the shotgun against an individual in a crowd under certain circumstances, officers should aim for specific areas unless deadly force is justified. 
 1/18/2018 Partially Adopted Yes
 6.00.015 Use of Force and Medical Treatment Encourage officers to provide aid to persons injured during a use of force incident.  11/3/2017 Partially Adopted Yes
 5.05.020 Assisting Federal Immigration (ICE) Officials ICE shall not be granted access to individuals in KCSO custody solely for immigration enforcement.    7/21/2017 Partially Adopted No
 5.00.055(4), (5) Searches of Opposite Sex   The deputy shall verbally explain the steps of a search or frisk to the suspect, a frisk shall be in the presence of another witness whenever possible.  7/6/2017 Adopted Yes
 5.01.015 Spit Hood  If a person begins to vomit or bleed from their mouth, nose or head while wearing a spit hood, the spit hood shall be promptly removed and discarded. 6/21/2017  Not Adopted Yes
 5.08.025(6) Persons in Behavioral Crisis Encourage deputies to make a referral to mental health services in certain circumstances.    6/21/2017 Not Adopted Yes
 17.20.000 Investigations of Sexual Assault by Patrol Include sexual assault data and language to build rapport with victims. 6/20/2017 Partially Adopted Yes