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How to Appeal Your Value Notice

How to Appeal Your Value Notice

Read both sides of your notice
As a King County property owner, you receive an Official Property Value Notice annually. Your value is established by the Assessor as the basis for property taxes due the next year. For more information about assessment, please reference our brochure. In most cases, the deadline is sixty (60) days from the mail date on the notice.

Your notice should reflect market value
State law requires the Assessor to appraise properties at 100% of market value [RCW 84.40.030]. The Assessor determines values after analyzing the prior two years of market sales. The Assessor’s Area Report lists all the sales the Assessor used to assign value in your area.

File an appeal if comparable properties sold for less
Comparable sales are properties of a similar quality, living area, age and if applicable, view or waterfront. List comparable sales that support your request for a value reduction on the petition worksheet. Note any errors in the description of your property. Provide other documentation such as pictures, repair bids or geology reports if there are structural or site problems that would reduce market value.

File an appeal

Don’t miss your deadline. Call our office at 206-477-1060 if you have questions.