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Did you know?

Did you know?

Appeals are filed with the Board of Equalization 
File your appeal with the Board of Equalization online through eAppeals.

You can obtain King County property tax information 24 hours a day
You can request a tax bill, review your payment history, check your property characteristics, look at property sales, email the assessor, and print appeal forms online. You will need your parcel ID number.

You don’t need a tax bill in order to pay your taxes
Call or go online to get the exact amount due. Write your parcel account number on the check and postmark it by the due dates, April 30 and October 31. You must pay the exact amount by the due dates to avoid penalties and interest even if you don’t receive a bill.

You can’t appeal your tax bill, but you can appeal your assessed value
With few exceptions, this must be done within 60 days of the mail date on the Official Property Value Notice. Visit the King County Department of Assessments for more information.

Seniors and persons with disabilities may qualify for lower tax bills
If you are over 61 or disabled, with income under $40,000 a year, call for an application, 206-477-1060. Note: In 2020, the income limit will increase from 40,000 to 58,423 annual household income.

You may be able to reduce your taxes when you remodel your home
You must apply prior to the completion of the work. The exemption can reduce some or all of the additional taxable value of the improvement for three years.

Open space, timber or farmland
If you have open space, timber, or farmland, you may reduce your taxes if you qualify for an exemption.

Destroyed property
If your property has been fully or partially destroyed due to fire, flood, landside, etc. you may be eligible for reduced taxes.