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Rural stewardship planning in King County

Rural stewardship planning in King County

Rural stewardship plans offer flexibility to tailor habitat protections

Because "one size" of land regulation does not always fit every property, King County now offers Rural Stewardship Planning to landowners whose property is zoned Rural Area Residential (RA). Whether your goal is to site a new house, remodel an existing one or simply find new ways to care for or restore your land, you can create a Rural Stewardship Plan unique to your property and goals. If you are pursuing a permit, Rural Stewardship Planning may streamline the permit process and modify some buffer requirements in exchange for a long term commitment to protect natural resources in other ways.

Is a rural stewardship plan right for me?

Read our short Introduction to Rural Stewardship Planning to get an overview of the program.
(Read the same introductory booklet as a 1 MB Acrobat PDF)

Questions and answers about Rural Stewardship Planning

Rural Green Building brochure (.pdf, 506 KB)

Rural Stewardship Planning Public Rule

Read the text of the adopted Rural Stewardship Plan Public Rule

For more information

For questions about these programs, please contact Pesha Klein, Environmental Scientist III, DPER Critical Areas Review.