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Farm Management Plan Public Rule

Farm Management Plan Public Rule

The Critical Areas Ordinances (CAO), adopted in October 2004, allow additional flexibility to agricultural landowners managing their land under a Farm Management Plan. These CAO-related Farm Plans are developed and approved by the King Conservation District. They are then submitted to King County for confirmation that they comply with CAO regulations.

The process is designed and conducted to simultaneously address the needs of the agricultural operation and the needs for resource protection on a specific site. With a Farm Plan, landowners may achieve a number of benefits related to critical areas regulations such as reduced livestock setbacks from streams, siting of agricultural buildings or access roads in stream and wetland buffers, and exceptions from county clearing and grading permits.

Fact sheet on Agriculture and the Critical Areas Ordinance (Acrobat PDF)

Read the adopted Farm Management Plan Public Rule

For more information

To learn more about the Farm Management Planning process, please contact the King Conservation District at:
King Conservation District (external link)
1107 SW Grady Way, Suite 130
Renton, WA 98057

For questions about farm management planning and the public rule, please contact Richard Martin, Managing Supervisor, King County Agriculture Program.