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Agriculture Program

Agriculture Program


The Agriculture Program supports farmers throughout the County and brings together the County’s efforts to preserve prime agricultural soils with efforts to protect water resources and ensure the continuing economic vitality of agriculture in the County. King County has historically been a productive agricultural region with dairies, livestock operations, row crops and berry fields. Rich agricultural areas support hundreds of families and provide an abundant local food source for thousands. Increased land prices, regulations, urban pressures, and drainage problems have all significantly contributed to the reduction of farmland in King County; however, farming is still a vital presence. King County has the 4th largest farmer population in Washington State, with over 42,000 acres in its Agriculture Production Districts - areas designated for agriculture. These working farms in the urban and rural areas of the County support more than 40 farmers markets in King County, a vibrant restaurant, food trucks, grocery stores, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), and the local food and beverage culture. Download a copy of the Agriculture Program brochure here.

Programs include:

For information about any of the above programs or to be included on the Agriculture Commission mailing list, please call the Program Manager.

Agriculture and Marketing Reports

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For questions about the King County Agriculture Program, please contact Richard Martin, Environmental Programs Managing Supervisor. This program is made possible with the generous support of the King Conservation District (external link).