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Monitoring report form for participating property

Monitoring report form for participating property

Public Benefit Rating System (PBRS)

As stated in King County Code, Chapter 20.36.190(F), a landowner may be required to submit a monitoring report regarding their land’s participation in PBRS. This document and the information provided below will be used to meet this requirement and support staff review of a property’s participation in the program. A participant’s involvement will make monitoring efforts more efficient and reduce program costs.

Enter report here:
General program information

Refer to the Program Participation Map to fill this out (opens in new browser tab, may need to enable popups).


Landowner and property information
Enrollment details
  1. All forest/native open space (answer a)
    All farm and/or pastureland (answer b)
    Some forest and some farm/pastureland (answer a and b)
    Other: golf course, historic landmark, public park or recreation area, etc. (answer c)
    1. If the participating area consists of either all or some forest/native open space, which best describes the condition of this area:
      All a diverse mix of native trees and plants
      Mostly a diverse mix of native trees and plants
      Some native trees and plants but some areas altered by nature (such as flood, fire, weed infestation, tree disease, windstorm damage, etc.)
      Some native trees and plants but some areas altered by human activity (such as forest harvest, clearing, new development, road construction, etc.)
      Not sure/need help

    2. If the participating area consists of all or some farm and/or pastureland, which best describes the activity in this area:
      Actively being used for farm/agricultural purposes
      No current farm activity, but still plan to implement an active agricultural use
      Not sure/need help

    3. If other than native open space or farmland, which best describes the use of this area:
      Public golf course
      Park/recreation area open to general public
      Historic landmark
  2. Your property may have been awarded credit for certain PBRS categories that require the implementation of a resource management plan. Does your property's participation include implementing such a plan?
    Don't know

    • Farm Management Plan
      Forest Stewardship Plan
      Restoration Plan
      Rural Stewardship Plan

    • on schedule
      revisions necessary
      have questions/need help

    (Please send photo(s) that might help illustrate the current status of your approved stewardship goals as detailed in your plan to Megan.O'

  3. There are several PBRS resource categories that award points for landowners who allow the general public access to their property for recreational and/or educational purposes. Are you receiving credit for allowing public access on your property?
    Don't know

    • Still allow public access as awarded and it remains active and regular
      Still want to allow public access but it no longer occurs
      No longer wish to allow public access on my property
      Not sure/need help

  4. Would you like a map of your property showing the boundaries of the areas enrolled in the program?
    Yes, by email
    Yes - by mail
  5. Sometimes discussing the requirements of the PBRS program with staff can have tremendous benefits. Would you like staff to contact you to discuss questions you may have?
    I'd like a phone call
    I'd like a phone call AND may want to have staff out to my property

    If you have photos of the participating portion of your property to contribute, please email up to two photos with the file number and tax ID/Parcel number to Megan.O'
  6. Do you have any additional comments or questions? Is there anything else you'd like to share regarding your property's participation since its initial enrollment or your last submitted assessment form?

For questions about the PBRS Program, please contact Megan O'Brian, Project/Program Manager, WLR Rural and Regional Services Section.