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Forms Bank

Forms Bank

The “Forms Bank” offers the examples and templates that market managers use to collect information about vendors, products sales, shoppers, budgets, staff, sponsors, and other market features. Learn more on “why you should collect data”.

Annual Planning and Reporting

Market Operational Budget - 12KB PDF

Vendor Applications and Policies

Vendor Application for one manager, one market - 193KB PDF
Vendor Application for multiple markets - 647KB PDF
Seattle Farmers Market Association Rules & Application 1.9MB PDF
Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance Policies - external pdf
Mercer Island Farmers Market Rules and Regulations - 221KB PDF

Season-to-Season Tracking

Daily Comparison (vendors, sales, fees, weather)

Annual Requests for Information

WSFMA Annual Application - external link
2011 Washington State Farmers Market Association Annual Membership Application online Google doc

Using Data to Tell Your Story

Education, promotions, and all forms of communications – internal and external -- can be enhanced with your market data. Data can be quantitative, qualitative or both. It can speak to your market organization, market itself, or the larger community and contemporary context. It may tell the story of a single product, vendor, market day, or season. It may reflect on trends and anticipate the future. Whatever your market’s message and audience, data adds grounding, precision and credibility.


Market Statistics Template for Evaluation section - 29KB Excel File

Media Tips & Outlets

WHY Media Guide - 664KB PDF

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Washington State Farmers Market Research & Related Data

EBT and Credit/Debit POS Technology at the Market

General Information
Applying to receive SNAP
Card Services & Providers
Accounting & Tokens
Education & Promotion