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King County Basin Stewards

King County Basin Stewards

Water and Land Resources Division

King County basin stewards map

Snoqualmie River downstream of Snoqualmie Falls
Andrea Mojzak, 206-263-7934

Snoqualmie River Forks, South Fork Skykomish River, Bear Creek 
Denise Di Santo, 206-263-0259

Cedar River, Issaquah Creek in unincorporated areas
Judy Blanco, 206-263-8445 

Middle Green River, White River in unincorporated areas
Josh Kahan, 206-477-4721

Lower Green River
Kelley Govan, 206-263-1996

Duwamish River Basin
Alicia Kellogg, 206-601-8960

Vashon Island & Maury Island
Greg Rabourn, 206-477-4805

For stewardship information regarding other parts of King County or to learn more about the overall basin stewardship program, contact Janne Kaje, Watershed Stewardship Program Manager at 206-477-4078.

What is the Basin Steward Program?

Basin Stewards are a team of Water and Land Resources (WLR) Division professionals knowledgeable about community and natural resources in specific King County watersheds. They use a number of approaches to work with landowners and other public agency officials to protect local habitats:

  • Responding to residents requests for information regarding stream basin health and conditions.
  • Providing direct "on-the-ground" technical service to rural community members to improve and protect watersheds, streams, and rivers.
  • Building relationships with community members that make construction of restoration and other capital projects possible.
  • Working closely with community members and staff from other public agencies to implement salmon recovery and other conservation plans by coordinating and obtaining grant funding for important habitat protection and restoration projects within each WRIA (Water Resource Inventory Area).

How the Stewards can help you:


The Basin Stewards work with residents to answer questions about best management practices, regulations, wildlife concerns, land conservation, habitat restoration, and water quality concerns.

Habitat protection and restoration

The Basin Stewards work with residents and technical staff to develop and implement priority habitat protection and restoration projects in critical habitat areas along our rivers and streams. They can help streamside landowners identify resources including funding for habitat protection.

Volunteer opportunities

The Basin Stewards work with other County staff to coordinate volunteer efforts to restore streamside habitat areas.

  • Sign-up for volunteer announcements


Get in touch with your WLR Basin Steward. They are there for you!

  • Let the WLR Division know if you have an idea that might improve or protect surface water resources near your home
  • Learn about volunteer opportunities in your watershed
  • Learn about ways to protect habitat