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Park and Trail Ambassadors

Park and Trail Ambassadors

Note: We are doing an evaluation and restructuring of this program and aren’t accepting new applications at this time. If you’re interested in getting involved in the future, please contact Lina Rose. 

Being a Park & Trail Ambassador means you take your volunteering to a whole new level, commiting to serving 100 hours per year at a specific site. Tasks can vary based upon your interest, and include everything from educating and assisting visitors to reporting on trail conditions to monitoring restoration efforts to clearing litter on park properties. Each Ambassador can play a different role, which can be worked out with the Volunteer Program Manager.

As a Park and Trail Ambassador, we ask you to:

Commit 100 hours per year of your time
Record your hours and report on any issues you observe
Work with King County Parks staff to meet our goals and uphold Parks' policies and procedures
As a Park and Trail Ambassador, you will gain:

Knowledge and experience as a steward of public land
That warm and fuzzy feeling form helping to protect, restore and improve our region's finest parks, trails, and natural areas
A fun way to pursue your own recreational interests


Lina Rose, Volunteer Program Manager

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