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For a King County charitable solicitation business license, please note:

  • All charitable organizations soliciting for contributions in unincorporated King County are required to apply for a King County business license (Title 6* of the King County Code).

  • All charitable organizations soliciting for contributions in unincorporated King County also must register with the Secretary of State's Charities Division external link (call 1-800-332-GIVE).

  • Exceptions to licensing requirements in unincorporated King County are:

    • Religious organizations are not required to license unless solicitations are for a charitable purpose.

    • Charitable organizations collecting $2,500 or less are not required to license.

  • An application for a King County Charitable Solicitation business license must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the commencement of solicitation.

  • Licensing documentation requirements include:

    • Financial statement for preceding fiscal year on a King County Charitable Solicitation Fiscal Year Financial Statement form, available in PDF*.

    • Itemization of the estimated cost of the solicitation.

    • Statement of the amount of any wages, fees, commission, salaries and expenses to be paid to any person in connection with solicitation.

    • If solicitation is by means of coin or currency boxes and/or receptacles, locations for each box and/or receptacle.

    • Verification of 501(c) tax exemption status and registration with the Secretary of State's Charities Division.

    Financial records are open to the public for review.

  • King County Charitable Solicitation License fees are:

    • $40 per year for a charitable organization.

    • $1,000 per year for a promoter (where professional fund-raising organizations or promoters are used).

To apply for a Charitable Solicitation license, do one of the following:

  • Download and complete the Charitable Solicitation Application, available in PDF* (28KB) or fill-in MS Word* (147KB) format
  • Call 206-296-6659 to request a form by mail.

*Note: To view PDFs, free software from Adobe is required. Word documents require Microsoft software. For assistance, see helpful hints.

To request this information in alternate formats for people with disabilities, call 206-296-6600 or TTY Relay: 711.