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Apply for Conservation Futures funding to add parks and open spaces to your community

Applications for 2024 funding are due March 6, 2023

CFT grants are used to buy or conserve parks and open spaces. These open spaces are used for passive recreation such as urban greenspaces, natural areas, forests, community gardens, farms, and trails. We may be able to partner on green stormwater acquisitions or create parks near affordable housing. CFT funding is provided to governmental agencies and eligible nature conservancy or historic preservation nonprofits. Community groups or individuals can partner on projects with local agencies and eligible nonprofits.

In communities that have been under-served with open space investments, CFT funding may be able to cover 100% of the acquisition costs for some projects. Please visit the Match waiver page for details.

Application Materials: please review both documents.

Additional Reference Material:

Supporting Applicants

The following offerings are optional, to help support applicants in the application process. We recommend that first-time applicants both attend a workshop and email Ingrid Lundin to discuss their project.


Attend a Conservation Futures Application Workshop to learn how Conservation Futures funding can help buy parks and open spaces for your community. Workshops are held on Zoom. The same material is covered in each workshop, and attendance is not required. You can access the workshop handout here.

If you can’t join one of these sessions, you can view a recording of an applicant workshop, and please refer to the workshop handout

Technical Assistance

We are pleased to have two consultants providing grant-writing technical assistance to applicants. Our consultants can support applicants in the grant writing process. To request help please email Ingrid Lundin with requests for grant-writing technical assistance. To manage workload, please try to reach out early, and no later than February 23. 

General Project Support

Conservation Futures program staff are happy to provide general support around project brainstorming and development. We encourage all applicants to contact us, especially first-time applicants and applicants seeking a match waiver. Please email Ingrid Lundin for general project support.


Email Ingrid Lundin with requests for interpretation and translation.

Spanish Translation: El DNRP del Condado de King está recibiendo solicitudes de fondos del impuesto para conservación futura (CFT) del Condado de King, con fecha límite el 6 de marzo de 2023. El dinero para conservación futura puede usarse para financiar la compra de terrenos con espacios abiertos que se usen para actividades recreativas de bajo impacto, como áreas naturales, espacios verdes urbanos, parques pasivos, senderos regionales, granjas y bosques. Consulte nuestro sitio de internet en

Somali Translation: Gobolka King DNRP wuxuu raadinayaa codsashooyinka loogu talogalay Canshuuraha Wada hadalka Mustaqbalka ee lacagaha maal-gelinta ee Gobolka King (CFT), midaas oo la iska rabo Maarso 6, 2023. Lacagaha doolarka ee wada hadalka mustaqbalka ah waxaa lagu maal-gelin doonaa iibsashada lagu iibsado dhulka meesha furan ee loo isticmaalo hawlaha madadaalada leh saameynta hooseysa ee aan-wanaagsanayn, ay kamid tahay meelaha dabiiciga ah, meelaha cagaarka ah ee magaalooyika, beeraha aan wanaagsanayn, waddooyinka goboleed, beeraha, iyo duurka. Fadlan fiiri boggeena internetka ah


Please email the Conservation Futures Program Manager, Ingrid Lundin.