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Grants and partnerships

Apply for funds to help reduce water pollution, improve parks, conserve land, prevent waste, reduce flood risk and improve ecological health and provide other public benefits.

Community Partnerships and Grants

King County offers space and money for good partnership ideas at parks. The chosen partners add something to make a park better or create a new amenity. These groups can run, take care of, and offer activities for the amenity they're in charge of.

Community Climate Resilience Grants

Resource for frontline communities to develop new or expand existing community-based climate resilience projects.

Re+ (Zero Waste) Grants

Funding opportunities for projects that reduce waste and keep valuable resources in use and out of the landfill.

WaterWorks Grant Program

Funding for projects that improve water quality in select areas.

Partners in water

Learn about Partners in Water, an initiative by the Wastewater Treatment Division to collaborate with community-based organizations that will serve as a model program for how the division will engage with priority communities.

RainWise outreach grants

Apply for a grant to help with outreach and promotion of the RainWise program in King County combined sewer overflow basins.

Parks Levy Grants

Funds for parks, recreation and open space.

Hazardous waste grants and incentives

Matching funds for small businesses that safely manage hazardous materials. King County helps businesses help the environment.

Conservation Futures Program

Money for cities, the county, and certain nonprofits to protect natural lands and open spaces.

Re-Green the Green

Plant native trees and shrubs along the Green/Duwamish River and its creeks to add cooling shade for Chinook salmon and other aquatic life.

Flood Reduction Grants

Money for stormwater projects that will reduce flooding.

Subregional Opportunity Fund

King County Flood Control District fund for cities and King County to invest in flood and stormwater control projects.

Youth and Amateur Sports Grants

Youth Sports & Outdoor Recreation Relief Fund.

Current use taxation programs

Cut the tax rate for your farm or forest by saving wildlife habitat, wetlands and streams.