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Disposal Rate

14.5 cents per gallon*
We weigh each load and charge $0.0173861 per pound discharged. This covers domestic septic tank waste and portable toilet waste, up to 2% solids.


Annual fee: $200/year/truck
Initial setup fee: $50/truck

  *Note: the disposal rate includes 1.0 cent per gallon on-going surcharge to provide funds for Public Health-Seattle and King County to respond to failing on-site sewage systems (OSS), provide technical support to property owners with OSS, identify and repair prioritized OSS failures, continue “what not to flush” education and outreach, and improve industry reporting.

For more information about the DNRP Septage Disposal Program, please contact:

Chris Tinnin,
Building and Grounds Supervisor & Septage Coordinator
 (206) 263-1821