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These plans provides a description of the groundwater resources, identifies threats to long term water quality and quantity, recommends management strategies for protection. Maps and figures help to explain our work and an in depth appendix provides more details. These plans have been approved by Washington State Department of Ecology and King County Council except for the South King County Plan. In South King County, a committee of utility purveyors has been working to protect groundwater.

All of the Groundwater Management Plans are offered in Adobe Acrobat Format. For help using Acrobat, please visit our Acrobat Help Page. The report is available as one file and in multiple sections for reduced network traffic and faster downloads. The main reception desk of the Water and Land Resources Division, email or at 206-477-4800, can be contacted if needed.

Download the management plans:

East King County

Issaquah Creek Valley

Redmond-Bear Creek

South King County

Vashon-Maury Island

This page is produced by the King County Groundwater Protection Program. To learn more about this group and its responsibilities, please read about the Groundwater Protection Program.