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Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is situated in the suburbs of South King County between Federal Way and Auburn. A public park is located at its northeastern shore while the rest of the lakeshore is surrounded by woods,private homes and docks. The park has trees and a wetland area with wildlife, a large grassy field and a boat launch (no gas engines), picnic areas/shelter, and children's play area. The lake is stocked with rainbow trout and also has largemouth bass.

Lake Geneva recreation

Lake Geneva Lake Management District (LMD)

The Lake Geneva LMD is a special-purpose district tasked to protect water quality and control flooding along the lake shore.

Lake Geneva and watershed data

Lake Geneva drainage area and park location map

Lake Geneva watershed and park

Lake Geneva bathymetric contour map

Lake Geneva bathymetry map

For questions about lakes in King County, please contact or call the Water and Land Resources Division front desk at 206-477-4800.