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Don't pee in the pool.Going for a swim? Follow these 5 safety tips every time you go to the pool.
  1. Don't pee in the pool.
  2. Don't swallow the water.
  3. Every hour, everyone out.
  4. Reapply sunscreen.
  5. Check chlorine levels before getting in.

Read more about why these tips are so important on Public Health Insider.

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Birth and death certificates, King County Medical Examiner's Office...
Food safety
Food business permits, Food worker cards, restaurant inspections, food safety fact sheets, food safety streaming videos...
Board of Health
BOH Code, Meeting agenda, Meeting proceedings, Regulations, Resolutions, Rulemaking, Membership roster...
Hazards, Toxic
Arsenic, Lead, Biomedical waste, Needle disposal, Indoor air quality, Solid waste...
Child and youth health
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Health insurance
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Chronic disease prevention
Asthma, Breast, Cervical & Colon Health Program, Healthy Aging Partnership, Nutrition, Physical Activity...
Health care providers
Disease reporting, Reporting animal and bat bites, Measles control, Health provider advisories
Codes and regulations
Code of the King County Board of Health, King County Codes, City of Seattle Codes...
Injury and violence prevention
Water safety, Firearm safety, Traffic safety, Bicycle safety, Violence prevention, Home and recreational safety...
Communicable disease, epidemiology and immunizations
Disease facts, Pertussis/Whooping Cough, Influenza, Immunizations, Tuberculosis, HIV/STD Program, Stop Germs, Stay Healthy ...
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Medical Examiner
How to get autopsy reports, Annual Reports ...
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Community Health Indicators, Data Watch Reports, Epi-Log & Vac-Scene quarterly, Public Health Reports, Health data services...
Sugary drinks, Nutrition labeling and trans fat, Breastfeeding, WIC, Free recipes ...
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King County Medic One, Emergency Medical Services Division, AED registration...
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Contracts and resources for contractors, Public Health Epi Scholars Program, Community Transformation Grant (CTG), Health Reform,
Requests for Proposal (RFP)...
Emergency preparedness
Advanced Practice Center, Disaster preparedness, Public Health Reserve Corps, Vulnerable Populations Action Team...
Primary care and personal health services
Breastfeeding, Public Health clinics, Breast, Cervical, Colon Health Program, Health Care for the Homeless, Health insurance, Oral / Dental health services ...
Environmental Health Services
Online services portal, Bed bugs, Drinking water, Pet businesses, Plumbing and Gas Piping, Rat control, Solid waste, Toxic hazards, Wastewater, Zoonotic diseases...
Resources for schools
Family planning education, HIV/AIDS education, School physical activity resources, School nutrition education, Seattle Nutrition Action Consortium (SNAC)...
Family planning and sexual health
F.L.A.S.H. curricula, Birth control, clinics
Tobacco prevention
Report violators of no-smoking ban, Quitting smoking, Tobacco laws, For retailers, Youth volunteers...

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Concerned about the tax penalty for not having health insurance?

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