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Tukwila School District

Tukwila School DistrictBackground

Tukwila School District serves a diverse group of 2,900 students, 80 pecent of whom are eligible for the free or reduced meal program. More than 33 percent of students are English Language Learners (ELLs) and 20 percent are immigrants or refugees. The community has higher rates of obesity and inactivity compared to other communities in King County.

CPPW-funded grant

Tukwila will work with stakeholders and Treeswing to select a high quality physical education (PE) curriculum that is aligned with the state standards. Once the selection process is completed and equipment purchased, PE teachers will receive training that includes an emphasis on cultural competence. Community Schools Collaboration (CSC) will work with the Bicycle Alliance of Washington to implement a Safe Routes to School program at Cascade View, Tukwila, and Thorndyke elementary schools. CSC will work with community partners to provide culturally competent outreach to ensure that hard-to-reach refugee and immigrant populations participate in the Safe Routes to School program and join walking school buses.

Hopes for the future

Implementing Tukwila School District's high quality PE curriculum will improve access to PE for all students through a well-trained PE staff. The PE curriculum will be aligned with state standards. Staff trainings and support from administration will ensure that culturally appropriate PE continues to be offered. Tukwila School District elementary schools will have walking and bike riding programs in place to support increased and safe walking and biking to school. Safe Routes to School maps and information will be translated into different languages and made available on school websites, and supported by school district staff and parents.


Nina (Will) Williams, Director, ELL and Student Services

Tukwila School District