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Do you have a Primary Care Provider?

A Primary Care Provider (PCP) can make a big difference in your health through continuity of care. That means you and your PCP establish a partnership over time to achieve the best possible health outcomes. Beginning in 2022, if you are enrolled in the KingCare Select medical plan, you must choose a PCP and let Regence know who you selected. Regence will create an ID card for each member with their PCP listed. If you don’t choose a PCP, Regence will assign one to you based on your area. You can change your PCP at any time. To learn more, watch the KingCare Select PCP video and see the PCP FAQ.


MultiCare Connected Care is made up of a wide range of health care providers and services—from doctors to dietitians, from hospitals to home health services. Providers share the responsibility for keeping patients healthy, not just treating them when they are sick. Success is based not just on the quality of care, but on patients’ long-term health and satisfaction.

The MultiCare Connected Care network includes more than 600 primary care providers; more than 7,800 specialists; multiple urgent care clinics, including Indigo; and six acute care hospitals, including Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital.

MultiCare Connected Care service area

Multicare Connected Care map

Open the full service area map and list of facilities


  • 1-800 number for King County members to schedule appointments
  • Indigo Online Care: Includes eCare and video services 
  • 24/7 Nurse Line increases appropriate and timely access to care
  • Urgent care clinics include: MultiCare Urgent Care and Indigo 
  • Preferred post acute care network (Skilled Nursing facilities, Assisted Living)
  • Pulse Heart Institute for cardiac and stroke rehabilitation
  • Pediatric and Adult Behavioral Health Services
  • Dispatch Health – Bringing back the house call. Medical care direct to your home for your urgent health needs


Other ways to access care

In addition to the health care professionals, clinics, and hospitals available in the MultiCare Connected Care network, Regence offers the following ways to access care from the comfort of your own home, or when on the road.
  • Doctor on Demand™: This service offers 24/7 access to video chat with a doctor or behavioral health specialist. The copay is normally $10 per visit, however, during the COVID-19 crisis, copays are waived. Download the Doctor on Demand app on your smartphone or tablet, or Register online using your computer and your Regence member ID. For additional information, see the FAQ
  • Virtual care from your regular doctor: Coverage has been expanded to cover other providers and services that can be appropriately rendered in a telehealth setting. Many in-network providers now offer telehealth options, including primary care; behavioral health; and physical, occupational, and speech therapists. Check with your providers to see if they offer virtual visits. COVID-19-related visits are covered at no cost; standard plan benefits apply to visits for other services.
  • Advice24: This 24/7 nurse line provides immediate support for everyday health issues, and can help you decide when you should go to the emergency room or urgent care. Call 800-267-6729.

Find a Provider in the MultiCare Connected Care network

Begin Provider Search

  • Use the search tool to determine if your current primary provider and other health professionals are part of the MultiCare Connected Care network. To learn how to use the provider search tool to explore the providers available in each network, watch the video. Examples of other health care professionals include physical therapists, mental health providers, and hospice. 
  • Consider searching for health care providers you may want to see in the future.
  • Be sure to perform a search for all family members. Each person in your family can choose their own provider, as long as all of your family's providers are in your chosen network.
  • If you have questions about the network, a specific provider, or need help finding a network provider, call MultiCare Connected Care: 833-691-0880. If you have benefits questions, need to select your primary care provider, or to order an ID card, call Regence: 800-376-7926

Employees and covered family members who want to continue seeing providers who are not part of the MultiCare Connected Care network will pay significantly more for care. See plan comparisons (Regular or ATU) for details. Use the online search tool to review the list of in-network providers carefully.

Using the provider search tool

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