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2022 Commute Trip Reduction Survey

On October 17, 2022, King County employees reporting to worksites with 100+ employees will receive an email link to complete the State mandated 2022 Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) survey.

The Commute Trip Reduction law is a state law passed in 1991 that requires large employers to mitigate the traffic impacts of their business by working to reduce driving. This is a state law administered by local jurisdictions, which is why the City regulates the State Commute Trip Reduction Law.

Want more information about the 2022 CTR Survey and your employee transportation benefits?
Visit our News and promotions page, call 206-477-5853, email, or visit SDOT's resource for in-depth details on the program.


Leave your car at home. Buses, light rail, Sounder trains, the Seattle Streetcar and passenger ferries/water taxis provide reliable, consistent, and relaxing ways to get to work. If you’re a King County employee eligible for commute benefits, your employee ID/ORCA card pays your fare on the following regular services:

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Walk-on, congestion-free commuting with a view. The King County Water Taxis and Kitsap Transit fast ferries (between downtown Seattle and Bremerton or Kingston) accept the King County Employee ID/ORCA card as fare payment.

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Foot Ferry


Try Vanpool or Vanshare for free

Direct, flexible, cost-effective and now covered 100%. Transit agencies provide the van, gas, insurance, and maintenance. You choose the route and schedule, and provide drivers and riders (or join an existing group). Starting January 1, 2022, King County employees may start a King County Metro Vanpool or Vanshare with only three or more participants and the cost will be covered 100% by the Employee Transportation Program (ETP). Learn more »


Bike or walk

Good for your health, budget, and carbon footprint. Employees who work outside downtown Seattle and commute most of their work days and distance by bike or walking can earn a monthly incentive worth $20.

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Use your bike to connect to transit and get the best of both worlds. Most park-and-rides and transit centers have secure bike parking for people who bike to transit but don't need their bike on the other end of the transit trip.

If you need to take your bike with you, all public transit systems in the Puget Sound region carry bikes, including all buses, Link light rail, Sounder Commuter Rail, Seattle Streetcars, and ferries.  You can also have a bike rack added to a vanpool van. Find out how to load a bike on Metro buses and other services (see FAQs).

Bike Walk


Flexibility and savings. Employees who work outside of downtown Seattle and commute primarily by carpool can earn a monthly incentive worth $20.

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Want more flexibility to balance work and the rest of your life? King County has a robust telecommuting policy, and we have tools to help managers and employees participate.

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Home free guarantee

Don’t worry about getting stuck! Employees who commute to work by bus, train, carpool, vanpool, bike, or walking can get up to eight free taxi rides home per year in cases of unexpected need or emergency.

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