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Commuting by boat

Commuting by boat

King County Water Taxi

Your King County employee ID/ORCA card allows you to ride free on the King County Water Taxi (serving Vashon Island-Downtown Seattle and West Seattle-Downtown Seattle).

photo: Water Taxi

Kitsap Transit Ferries

Your King County employee ID/ORCA card allows you to ride free on Kitsap Transit Foot Ferries (serving Port Orchard-Bremerton and Annapolis-Bremerton) and the Fast Ferry between Bremerton and Seattle.

Washington State Ferries

Your King County employee ID/ORCA card does not cover rides on Washington State Ferries.

However, King County employees who commute as walk-on passengers on Washington State Ferries can sign up for pre-tax payroll deduction to buy a separate ORCA card loaded each month with a passenger ferry pass.

The Employee Transportation Program takes care of everything. Once you sign up, we’ll get you a new ORCA card and load it electronically each month. You will see the deduction on your pay statement. You do not need to register this ORCA card. If the card is lost, stolen, or damaged, we’ll provide you with a replacement card and transfer the remaining balance to the new card for you.

To sign up for any of the following monthly passes (current prices as of October 2023): submit a registration form.

  • WSF Central Sound Monthly Pass - $126.15
  • WSF Fauntleroy-Southworth Monthly Pass - $99.05
  • WSF Mukilteo-Clinton Monthly Pass - $77.50
  • WSF Vashon Island Monthly Pass -$83.85

If you already purchase a WSF monthly pass through payroll deduction, you do not need to take any action. If you wish to change or discontinue your payroll deduction for a WSF monthly pass, contact us no later than the first of the month.

Sign up at least four weeks before the beginning of the month when you want the pass to start. For example, if you sign up by January 1, your deductions will show on your January paycheck for a pass that starts February 1.

Note that the ORCA system will record data each time you use your assigned WSF card. This data will include the date, time, and location of the card when it is presented. This data is owned by the transit agencies, and is accessible to King County, the owner of your WSF card.

Lost, stolen, or damaged cards

To replace a lost, stolen, or damaged Washington State Ferry monthly pass (blue ORCA card), contact your Employee Transportation Program Manager.