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King County has a robust telework/telecommuting policy. We’re committed to decreasing our carbon footprint, increasing productivity, and providing innovative working solutions to retain and recruit a diverse and talented workforce.

Why telework?

Working some of the time from home can provide more flexibility for employees seeking to balance their work and personal lives.

Can every employee work from home?

It doesn’t work for everyone. Note that Telework must be negotiated with your supervisor and is a voluntary arrangement, not an employment benefit.

How do I know if telework is for me?

Check out the resources below to help employees and supervisors decide where telework is a viable option.

Steps to get started

  1. Fill out the employee suitability assessment and review the supervisor/teleworker responsibility document to see if teleworking is a good fit for you.
  2. If you feel good about your assessment, then talk with your supervisor or manager about getting approval to telework. Be prepared by bringing your assessment and a proposed schedule and ask your supervisor to fill out an assessment too.
  3. Do the online training here
  4. Set up your home computer with AnyConnect and get help from IT if you need it. See Technology setup below for more information.
  5. Fill out a telecommuting agreement (mandatory) and the home office safety checklist (voluntary).
  6. Start teleworking! Remember, you’re required to submit an updated agreement annually and it is recommended to attend a refresher training every other year.
  1. Do the online training here and get familiar with available tools.
  2. Let employees know you are open to telework arrangements with the right job and the right fit.
  3. Think about how you will manage teleworking employees (hint: it doesn't have to be different than employees working in the office) and review other tools for supervisors/managers in the right had menu.
  4. Meet with employees who are interested and use the Supervisor Assessment of Employee and Telecommuting Checklist as needed.
  5. Approved employees begin teleworking. Employees are required to submit new agreements annually and are encouraged to attend a refresher training every other year.

Technology setup

Make sure your computer is set up for telecommuting before your first telecommute day. The applications you use will depend on the type of work you’ll be doing from home. You may use a combination of the applications described below, depending on the work you’re doing on any particular telecommute day.

Security Guidance While Telecommuting (Word document)

Many work tasks can be done via cloud-based applications—in other words, using your web browser. NOTE: KCIT supports Internet Explorer only. Other browsers may work, but you should use Internet Explorer if you are experiencing any issues.

  • Outlook Web Access provides access to your work email account and, if you have archive folders set up, to your personal folders.
  • You can use SharePoint to manage and share files.
  • To participate in meetings from home, you can install Skype for business on your home computer or join Skype meetings by phone. You can learn more about Skype on King County’s Skype help page.
  • You can also access PeopleSoft and King County’s online training site through your web browser from home.

The good news is that nearly everyone can access all the tools necessary to telecommute without needing VPN access by using a web browser to check email, process documents and manage files with Microsoft Office 365 (Online services you can log into from your browser.)

AnyConnect (VPN) may be the solution for you if you need access to personal email folders and they are set up as .pst files, complex editing of files, managing files that are kept on a shared drive or using other applications that cannot be accessed via the cloud (for example, Adobe Suite).

Setup instructions and support for using AnyConnect can be found on this KCIT Networks SharePoint site.

Tools and resources

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