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2018 Waste Less News

Welcome to Waste Less News, a quarterly publication to help you reduce your garbage. Here you will find tips and hints for easy ways to start recycling more, and reducing the amount of garbage your family makes. Learn more about the Compost More. Waste Less. pledge.

Read the latest issues (below) of Waste Less News, or look through the archives (on the left, by year). You can also subscribe via e-mail to start receiving Waste Less News every quarter.


Winter 2018
Ditching fast fashion; Featured tips for dealing with plastic film/bags and hazardous waste; Food Too Good to Waste: avoiding holiday food waste, featured recipes, Waste Free Kitchen Handbook giveaway


Fall 2018
Be a Responsible Recycler: Empty, Clean, Dry; Reduce. Reuse. Recycle – In that order; Food: Too Good to Waste- The Truth behind Date Labels


Summer 2018
Let's not become "wishful recyclers"; Do you know what food you waste the most; Compost more! Take the pledge

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