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Water conservation is the focus of Level Three of the King County Green Schools Program. After each school or school district completes the Level Three Best Practices Guide, recognition is awarded. For a description of the program, visit How it Works.

Schools can play a vital role in reducing our region's water consumption and protecting this precious natural resource.

Schools use water for a variety of purposes including classroom instruction such as in science labs, and for drinking, cooking and cleaning. Water consumption in schools can be reduced by properly maintaining plumbing fixtures and irrigation systems, investing in faucet aerators and other water-efficient tools, and through simple actions such as regularly checking for leaks and drips.

For ideas on how your school or district can decrease its water consumption and teach students about the importance of conserving and protecting water, see the Level Three Best Practices Guide. There is one guide for schools and another for school districts.

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Water conservation and pollution prevention

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