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Transportation Options - Green Schools Program


An estimated 25 percent of commute time automobile trips are due to transporting students to and from school.

Review the Transportation Best Practices Guide for Schools to help staff, students and parents reduce or eliminate modes of transportation that pollute the air, negatively affect human health, and increase carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change. Schools and districts can reduce their impact on climate change by encouraging and facilitating alternative transportation such as walking, bicycling, riding the school bus and carpooling.

If your school is working on achieving Sustaining Green School level of the King County Green Schools Program, see Sustaining Green School for the steps to recognition. One requirement for Sustaining Green School recognition is to complete an additional action or educational strategy each year – and to fulfill that requirement, your school may select and complete any action from any of the program’s Best Practices Guides, including the Transportation Best Practices Guide.

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Transportation Choices
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