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Natural yard care

Five Steps to Natural Yard CareDownload PDF 695 K
Make your piece of the planet a healthier place to live.

Cinco pasos al cuidado natural de la yarda - versión españolaDownload PDF 1.5 MB
Cinco pasos para hacer su pedazo del planeta un lugar más sano para vivir.

Five Steps to Natural Yard Care LiteDownload PDF 246 K
(single-page version).

Five Steps to Natural Yard Care – Buyer's GuideDownload PDF 185 K
A shopping guide to better yard care products

Natural Yard Care Through the SeasonsDownload PDF 744 K
A seasonal calendar of Natural Yard Care practices.

About pest control

Grow Smart, Grow Safe – A Gardener’s Guide
A consumer guide to lawn and garden products - from King County's Local Hazardous Waste Management Program.

Get Acquainted with Some InsectsDownload PDF 151 K
Learn more about your plants and the insects in your yard so you can make knowledgeable choices about pest control.

Quick-read resources

A Perfectly Lovely Lawn: Chemical Free & Safe to Play On!Download PDF 156 K
Healthy lawns are a lighter "meadow" green color.

Don't Give Noxious Weeds a HomeDownload PDF 260 K
Pretty and they thrive wherever planted. They are also invasive.

How to Build an E-Z Worm Composting BinDownload PDF 150 K
King County's most popular publication

How to Choose a Compost BinDownload PDF 118 K
What to look for when selecting a yard waste compost bin.

How to Choose a Landscape CompanyDownload PDF 462 K
Not all landscape companies are the same.

Is Your Soil Healthy?Download PDF 168 K
Healthy soil is the basis for a healthy yard

Kitchen Waste Composting with WormsDownload PDF 133 K
Worms are the animal kingdom's master composters of kitchen waste.

Make the Mulch Of ItDownload PDF 305 K
Mulching is the key to soil health and weed control.

Make Your Own Kitchen Waste ComposterDownload PDF 179 K
Turn a waste product into a free soil amendment.

Make Your Own Portable Wood and Wire Composting BinDownload PDF 396 K
This bin holds about one cubic yard of material.

Organic Fertilizer: What Does it Mean?Download PDF 142 K
Provide nutrients in small amounts over an extended period of time — just the way your plants need them.

Put the Right Plants in the Right Place for a Trouble Free Garden!Download PDF 189 K
By designing a diverse garden you will create a balanced ecosystem which will provide a year round habitat for beneficial insects, birds and other wildlife.

Turn Over a New Leaf: Compost for Healthy SoilDownload PDF 240 K
Creates high-quality compost and reduces waste at the same time.

When to Water and How MuchDownload PDF 151 K
Watch for signs that plants are thirsty.

Healthy Soil Survey 2003 - Final ResultsDownload PDF 680 K
One of the main goals of this survey was to determine the extent to which King County residents receive and respond to natural yard care messages.

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