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Public Health Notice 公共衛生通知

As part of the continued effort to stop the spread of CoVID-19 in our community, King County Elections strongly recommends registering to vote , updating your registration , and accessing your ballot online when needed for the rest of the year. 作為阻止新冠肺炎 (CoVID-19) 在我們社區中蔓延的持續部分努力,金郡選舉部強烈建議在今年剩餘時間內,如有需要,可在網上登記投票、更新您的登記 、 並獲取選票。

We will have Vote Centers open for those who need assistance or have missed the deadlines but ask that those who are able to utilize the online tools do so. Those who do come to a Vote Center in person will be required to wear a face covering over their nose and mouth. 我們將為那些需要幫助或已錯過截止日期的人士開放投票中心,但請求那些能夠使用在線工具的人在線上進行。凡親臨投票中心的人士將必須戴上口罩遮蓋其鼻和口。

Please email or give us a call at 206-296-VOTE (8683) if you need additional assistance. 如果您需要額外協助,請電郵 或致電206-296-VOTE(8683)。

You can register to vote online or by mail until 8 days before an election or in-person through Election day. Registrations done by mail need to be received, not postmarked, by the 8 day deadline. 您可以在選舉8天前透過網上或郵寄進行登記,而親臨登記的截止日期則為選舉當日。郵寄登記須於8天截止日期前收到,而非以郵戳日期爲準。

Three ways to register 有三種登記方法

1. Online 1. 網上

You can register online , 24 hours a day, at the Washington Secretary of State's website. 您可於州務卿的網站每天24小時任何時間內進行網上登記

To register online , you will need: 如要在網上登記,您將需要:

  • A current Washington State driver license, or 一個有效的華盛頓州駕駛執照,或
  • A current Washington State ID card 一個有效的華盛頓州身份證

If you do not have either of these, you can still register by mail or in-person. 若您沒有以上任何一項證件,您依然可透過郵寄方式或親臨登記。

2. By mail 2. 郵寄

Download and print a voter registration form and mail it to King County Elections. Forms are available in many languages. 下載並列印一份選民登記表格, 然後將其寄回金郡選舉部。 我們提供多種語言的表格。

3. In-person 3. 親臨

You can register to vote in-person at the King County Elections Office in Renton, the Elections Annex in downtown Seattle, or at a Vote Center. 您可以親臨位於連頓(Renton)的金郡選舉部或其中一個投票中心進行登記。

You can also register to vote at one of our community events. 您也可以在我們任何一個社區活動中進行登記。

Who can register 甚麼人可以登記投票

To register to vote in Washington, you must be: 如要在華盛頓州登記投票,您必須是:

  • A citizen of the United States 一名美國公民
  • A legal resident of Washington state 一名華盛頓州的合法居民
  • At least 18 years old by election day 在選舉日或之前已年滿18歲
  • Not disqualified from voting due to a court order 沒有因一個法庭命令而無資格投票
  • Not under Department of Corrections supervision for a Washington felony conviction 沒有因觸犯一項華盛頓重罪而受到懲教部的監管。

Read more about who can vote in Washington. 閲讀瞭解更多有關甚麽人可以在華盛頓投票

Future Voters 未來選民

16 and 17 year olds can now pre-register to vote! Registrants under the age of 18 will have their registrations held until they become eligible to vote. 現在16和17歲可以提前進行登記。但18歲以下人士的登記將在其符合投票資格時方生效。