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Over time, your signature may change. Have you changed your name? Have you had physical changes that have altered how you sign? 隨着時間的推移,您的簽名可能會改變。 您是否改變了您的名字? 您的身體是否有變化而令您改變了簽名?

If you answered yes, you should update your signature on your voter registration. 如果您有以上情況, 您應更新在您選民登記中的簽名。

Why should I update my signature? 為甚麼我要更新我的簽名?

Keeping your signature up-to-date is important. Each time you submit a ballot or sign a petition, we compare those signatures to your voter registration. We can only count your ballot or petition signature if we can find a match to what we have on file. 保持您的簽名新確非常重要。 您每次您提交選票或簽署請願書時, 我們都會將那些簽名和您選民登記中的簽名作比較。 我們要在檔案中找到吻合的簽名, 您的選票或請願書方可被點算。

How can I update my signature? 我如何更新我的簽名?

To update the signature on your voter registration, fill out a new voter registration form . 如要更新您選民登記中的簽名,請填寫一 份新的選民登記表格