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Mobile Food Establishments include food carts, trailers, and trucks as well as food kiosks. Before constructing, remodeling, or changing ownership; mobile food establishment owners must submit plans for review and approval.

Select a tab below to display information about the 3-Step Plan Review process:

Step 1: Mobile food service plan guide

Checklists covering every area of your business.
  • Plan review process for mobile food service operation
    The Mobile Food Service Plan Guide is tailored for establishments which serve food from food vehicles, espresso carts and kiosks. It includes a checklist of items you will need to review and include in your final plans to ensure that you've covered every area of your food business.

Step 2: Mobile plan review application

Submit an application for a Plans Examiner to review the proposed plan for your business

Once you complete your final plans of how your establishment will be set up for business according to the Plan Guide in Step 1, you will need to submit them for review along with the Plan Review Application.

Application for Exemption from Commissary:
  • For those applying for both a new mobile food service plan review and commissary exemption concurrently, you will be charged a base fee of $888 for up to 4 hours of plan review at the time of plan submittal (plus $222 for each hour after 4 hours).

  • For those who currently hold a mobile food unit permit and are applying for commissary exemption, you will be charged a base fee of $444 for up to 2 hours of plan review for a change of operation at the time of submittal for such change (plus $222 for each hour after 2 hours).

In order to be considered for approval of a commissary exemption in either case, the application must completely address each of the ten questions that are listed. Draft guidelines are included along with the application for commissary exemption as a useful resource and toolkit designed to help in formulating answers to these questions.

Information contained in the guidelines are intended to advise applicants on the recommended course of action. However, please be advised that this document is a draft and is provided as a courtesy for informational purposes only. The information contained herein is subject to change upon further review by stakeholders, who may have additional ideas for change as more materials are gathered. All recommendations made in these draft guidelines are without guarantee of approval for a commissary exemption. The final version of these guidelines will be published as soon as they are adopted.

Step 3: Mobile food service permit application

After your business plan has been approved by a Plans Examiner in Step 2, the final step is to apply for a mobile food service business permit.

Plans Examiners

Contact a Plans Examiner for questions about Food Service Plans ONLY. Plans Examiners cannot respond to questions about Temporary Event Permits or Farmers Markets. Contact the Plans Examiner serving the area of King County where your mobile food establishment is located as noted below.

  • For businesses located within the cities of Burien, Seattle, Mercer Island, Shoreline, Vashon Island, and Unincorporated King County (Skyway and White Center only):
    Call the Downtown Food Protection office at 206-263-9566 and ask to speak with a Food Plans Examiner.

  • For businesses located elsewhere in King County (cities not listed above) and in Unincorporated King County:
    Call the Eastgate Food Protection office at 206-477-8050 and ask to speak with a Food Plans Examiner.

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