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Permitting services are available online via this website and For details, see our Customer Service Bulletin.

Search for condition information on a specific property

Development condition search

Enter the 10-digit parcel ID number (your tax ID number).

Search results will list only those area-specific regulations that are associated with the p-suffixes, special district overlays, and demonstration project areas. Other area-specific regulations may apply to a parcel that are not part of this system.

This search is powered by the Districts Report provided by the King County GIS Center. The list of development conditions applicable to the parcel is found under the "King County planning and critical areas designations" heading.

Condition search

If you know the development code you may access the full text of the condition directly by going to the p-suffix, special district overlay, or demonstration project area page as needed.


P-suffix codes take the form of a two letter code indicating the community planning area or subarea that the condition is associated with followed by a "-P" and a two digit number.

Example: AB-P01

Special district overlay

Special distirct overlay codes take the form of "SO-" followed by a three digit number.

Example: SO-123

Demonstration project area

Demonstration project area codes take the form of "DPA-" followed by a short description of the condition.

Example: DPA-(Description)


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Our staff members are working remotely. Permitting services are available on this website and For details, see our Customer Service Bulletin.

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