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Landslide mapping

Information on current landslide and steep slope mapping, information, and resources. 
The potential landslide hazard areas map identifies areas that have been categorized as potential landslide hazard areas. The map does not purport to identify actual landslide hazards or existing landslide risks for specific properties. Depending on the nature of any proposed development, further investigation of the site and a detailed evaluation of the landslide hazard by a licensed geological engineer may be recommended. 

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Landslide and steep slope mapping

You can find the potential landslide hazard map in the King County, iMap system.

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Map access

To view this map, go to the King County iMap website, once you launch the application, go to the top right corner and select "layer list", then select "Environmentally Sensitive Areas".

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Additional information and services

Additional information and mapping can be found on the King County water and land services website, such as:

  • Types of landslides
  • Floodplain maps
  • Potential landslide hazard areas along the river valley walls and floodplains
  • Mapping methodologies information
  • Channel migration hazards