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All users that previously had access to KC ERMS had Content Manager installed on their computers on October 7, 2019. To onboard new employees or agencies into Content Manager, follow the steps below.

Add a New Employee

If you want to approach onboarding multiple users or an entire office, you can use the onboarding form at right.

1. Contact and tell us which agency(ies) you need access to (you can find a list of available agencies on this page) and whether you need the system to manage electronic or physical records, or both.

2. install the system (PDF) from the Software Center (hint: you must be on VPN before you can install the system)

3. take appropriate online training courses

Onboard a Work Group

Onboarding Request Form (Word)

Complete the form and email back to us at For more information, please review our onboarding process overview (PDF).

Looking for Records?

King County Archives - historical county records
Recorder's Office - recorded documents
Vital Statistics - birth and death records
Find Public Records - various county records
Public Records Program - submit a public disclosure request