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Content Manager (CM) Job Aids

Content Manager (CM) Job Aids

This page contains printable job aids (mostly 1-2 page "quick" guides) that document all of the basic processes in Content Manager. Job aids will be added to this page as they become available.

Content Manager was upgraded to a new version of the software in March 2024. The new version offers the same functionality and nearly identical look-and-feel of the previous version. The changes in the new version are described in the Summary of Changes document and also in a 5-minute demo. Note that many of the job aids on this page were created with the previous version; we are in the process of updating them and it will take some time. You can identify current job aids with the "Updated" or "New" flags.

Getting Started


Digital Folders

Physical Records

Filing Electronic Records (small batches)

Filing Electronic records (bigger batches)


Other Resources

Looking for Records?

King County Archives - historical county records
Recorder's Office - recorded documents
Vital Statistics - birth and death records
Find Public Records - various county records
Public Records Program - submit a public disclosure request