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Thank you for considering adoption! Adopting a shelter animal can be a very rewarding experience. At RASKC, our mission is to place healthy and treatable adoptable pets into permanent homes. We welcome all adopters and aim to find a great match for every customer by providing as much information as we can about each animal, and ultimately allowing each adopter to make the final decision about what is right for their family. Our goal is to be a resource for you throughout the life of your new pet and beyond!

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About Me:
To read full bio of this week's pet, find by Name or Animal ID # in the search below.

  • Name: Beatrice
  • Animal ID: A656019
  • Animal type: Spayed Female Pit Bull Mix
  • Age: 3 years
  • Behavior color: Bashful Blue
  • Adoption Fee: Reduced


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Adoption FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

*Please note that adoption fees may vary based on special promotions, events, etc.
Animal *Adoption Fee
Cats (six months or older) $75 $30 promo
Kittens (younger than six months) $100
Dogs (six months or older) $100 to $250
Puppies (younger than six months) $100 to $250
Rabbits, Birds, Small Animals Varies by species
Pet of the Week 50% for dogs, $30 promo for cats

The adoption fee includes everything a pet will need for a great start in its new home:

  • Spay / neuter surgery by RASKC veterinary team
  • King County pet license (if applicable)
  • Microchipping (for cats and dogs)
  • Initial vaccinations (including rabies if pet is over four months old)
  • Opt in 30 days of free health insurance from Trupanion
  • Certificate for a free veterinary exam
  • Collar
  • Temporary carrier (for cats)
  • Temporary leash (for dogs)
  • GoodPup Training Partner (for dogs): for RASKC adopters, first session is FREE with a 20% discount offer for life!

It’s also a good idea to consider the additional costs of owning a pet. Additional expenses for a new pet may include food and water bowls, toys, bedding, training supplies, litter box (cats), leash and harness (dogs). Ongoing expenses can include food, litter, grooming, flea prevention, vaccinations and other medical expenses.

Each animal at RASKC is assigned a color to give our adopters a little more information about their personality. Please note that as each animal spends more time with us, their personality can evolve and their color may change. These colors are general guidelines intended to help you find the right fit for your family and lifestyle! Review the three adoption colors below to find the personality description that best fits what you are looking for in your new family member!

  • Rambunctious Red: Animals in the red category are spirited, independent-thinkers. They may be particular about who or what they like or have quirks that are best suited for seasoned handlers. Investing in them will reward you with a cherished friend!
  • Bashful Blue: Animals in the blue category are gentle and loving, but they may be nervous in new situations. They might need some time to come out of their shell, but once they do they will be a devoted part of the family!
  • Easy-going Green: Animals in the green category are adaptable and carefree. They are wonderful companions who love to go with the flow!


Our RASKC animals are spread throughout King County, thanks to our great community!

While we have animals at the shelter and/or partner stores, we also have animals who require special, one-on-one attention. Due to the various needs -- ranging from medical, socialization or behavioral -- these pets are placed with foster volunteers who open up their homes and hearts to provide temporary care.

Therefore, the process of adoption is dependent on the location of the animal.

Adoptions at Partner Stores are coordinated in a ‘first come first serve’ manner, meaning that the first person who connects with a store representative is the first one eligible to process the adoption. You can view animals online that are at the Partner Adoption Centers either by using the filter function and searching by location or you can see their location in the individual animal’s bio.

All adoption paperwork and payment will be taken care of with a Store Representative using our online platform. You will be able to pay, fill out paperwork, and take home your pet all in the same day.

*please note that at our Cat Cafes have a different adoption process, please reach out to the café directly for adoption policies.

List of adoption offsite locations:

Yes! Our adoption team will do everything they can to help ensure success for you and your new family member. However, we understand that sometimes an adoption may not work out as planned. If you need to bring your new pet back for any reason, you can return your pet to RASKC at any time. If your return is within 90 days of the adoption, we will refund your adoption fee.

  • We welcome adopters who live with people and pets of all ages
  • We welcome adopters of all lifestyles and backgrounds, including those who rent
  • We welcome the giving of pets as gifts
  • We stand by our adoption guarantee
  • Adopters must be 18 years of age or older and be able to provide a photo ID

Adoption Opportunities

Due to COVID-19, our adoption process has changed. Adoptions of our animals from our Kent shelter have switched to an appointment-based system. To help keep people healthy, the governor's directive recommends masks or cloth face coverings for everyone when going outside their home. We also ask that you limit the number of households or family members visiting us during your appointment. Please review the information below to find out more about how to adopt.

Shelter Process

  1. View listing of adoptable pets
  2. Scroll through our list of available pets below. Click the animal’s “Meet” button to see what process you should follow based on location

    Note: If you are interested in adopting an available small mammal, reptile or bird, please contact us directly at so we can schedule your appointment.

  3. Schedule your appointment
  4. Interested in visiting with a pet at the shelter? Select available date and a time to come and visit with one of our furry friends. Please note that appointments are limited and may be filled. Please keep checking back for available days and times.

    Watch our website for real time updates of available adoptable animals. We encourage you to only keep your appointment if you genuinely intend to adopt. If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so using your confirmation email or reach out to us.

    Schedule my appointment

  5. Meet and greet with shelter pets
  6. Upon arrival, depending on who you are visiting -- cat or dog -- you'll be brought to either a colony room or meet and greet room. If weather permits, dog meet and greets may also take place in our enclosed play field. For the first thirty minutes of your visit, let us know what available pets you are interested in meeting (this may be limited to no more than three pets) and we'll bring them to you.

  7. Go home with your best friend!
  8. Successful match? We'll take the next half hour of the appointment to process your adoption, including answering any first-time pet adoption questions.

Foster Process

  1. View listing of adoptable foster pets
  2. Scroll through our list of available pets below. Click the animal’s “Meet” button to see what process you should follow based on location.

  3. Complete foster interest eform
  4. Interested in visiting with a pet from a foster home? Complete the Foster Interest eForm. Upon completing this form, a copy will be sent to the foster volunteer. A foster volunteer will contact interested parties in the order the forms were received. Due to the current health crisis, we ask that fosters and interested adopters limit contact by using tools to engage and interact with pet (email, photos, videos, text, FaceTime, Zoom, etc..).

    Please note: that filling out this form does not guarantee that you will be able to adopt the available pet. We ask that you continue to check the listing of adoptable pets. Should there be a pet whose profile is no longer listed, we ask that you keep your heart open to other pets that may still be looking for their forever home.

    Foster Interest eForm

Foster administration process

If after connecting with a foster parent you both feel that the pet is a good match for you, the adopter can go ahead and finalize the adoption by filling out the following forms and payment:

Please only fill out these forms after receiving confirmation from foster parents to proceed with adoption. Note that a prepayment will not guarantee adoption.

Partner Store Process

Adoptions at Partner Stores are coordinated in a ‘first come first served’ manner. You can view animals online that are at the Partner Adoption Centers either by using the filter function and searching by location or you can see their location in the individual animal’s bio.

All online adoption paperwork and payment will be taken care of at the time of adoption with the Store Representative.

Barn Cat Process

If you are interested in adopting a barn cat, follow the steps below:

  1. Email to get all of the information you need to set up your new cats.
  2. Browse our Pet Adoptions Page to view our available barn cats. If there are none listed on the adoptions page, that means we do not have any available at this time.
  3. When there are 2 or more barn cats available that interest you please email or call us at 206-296-3936 to put them on hold.
    1. We will reserve these cats on a first contact first serve basis.
    2. Must be willing to pick up the cats within a reasonable timeline.
  4. When you arrive to the shelter please bring your own hard, plastic carriers for the cats to go home in. You will need one per cat.


Note: Although this website updates frequently, there is a chance that the pet you see has already been adopted or is currently in the adoption process. We ask that you keep your heart open to other pets that may still be looking for their forever home.

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