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About Prosecuting Attorney's Office

Contact the Prosecuting Attorney's Office

Check our office hours and how to contact the different focus areas of the Prosecuting Attorney Office (PAO).

Our team and leadership

Learn more about the divisions, teams, and units of the King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office.

What does the Prosecuting Attorney's Office do?

Learn more about what the Prosecuting Attorney's Office (PAO) does for King County.

Work with the Prosecuting Attorney's Office

Learn how to look and apply for positions in the Prosecuting Attorney's Office.

Justice equity and the Prosecuting Attorney's Office

Race, Equity, and Social Justice (RESJ) guides our work at the King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office. RESJ is “how we do what we do.” We understand that all the inequities we see in the world are rooted in systems of oppression.

Filing and Disposition Standards

Filing and Disposition Standards (FADS) from the King County Prosecuting Attorney.  These standards are intended solely for the guidance of King County deputy prosecutors.

Data and reports

Find reports, information, and a glossary that the Prosecuting Attorney's Office shares with the public.

Media inquiries and resources

Learn how to get answers to your questions as a media professional.

Leglislation and policy

Learn how new and changed laws and policies impact the King County community and the work of the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

Partner agency resources

Information and resources for law enforcement and other partner agencies of the Prosecuting Attorney's Office.

Request for proposals

Current request for proposals and funding opportunities with the King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office.