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2010 – News about Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer

View 2010 press releases from Councilmember von Reichbauer.

September 7, 2010
Council approves sending County vans into "working" retirement
"King County's retired van donation program is a terrific way for the county to assist those non-profit organizations who play a vital role in elevating the quality of life throughout our region. I know the vans will have a fulfilling retirement transporting those who need them the most."

June 28, 2010
Council requests Space Shuttle for Museum of Flight
"Our region has a rich history of aviation going back to the vision of Bill Boeing. The Museum of Flight is a fitting retirement place for one of this nation's pioneering space shuttles."

May 24, 2010
Councilmembers propose "Tax Neutral" solution to County budget crisis
"If you are serious about voting and Democracy, you can't play games with election dates. A proposal of this magnitude must go on the ballot when the majority of citizens are participating."

May 24, 2010
County Council recognizes Memorial Day by pledging continued support for King County employees
in the National Guard and Reserve

"It is important to recognize the county employees who are not only serving King County citizens through their work here, but who are also protecting county citizens through their military service. It is an honor to acknowledge local National Guard and Reserve personnel who play such an important role in keeping our military strong and our country safe."

May 10, 2010
County Council recognizes Patrick Dempsey and Team Seattle Racing for generous support of Children's Hospital
"Some people use their celebrity to be someone. Patrick Dempsey is using his celebrity to do something--and in this case it is to benefit our region and Children's Hospital."

April 26, 2010
County Council joins effort to expand North Cascades National Park
"I have always been an advocate of opportunities to protect and preserve our environment. We live in a region rich in natural resources from sea shores to mountain peaks; the outdoors is what makes the Pacific Northwest a sought after place to call home."

March 22, 2010
Repair of Federal Howard Hanson Dam a priority: Council calls on Congress to act on funds for interim and permanent fix
"The valley is the second largest warehouse and distribution center on the West Coast. The impact of flood waters will go well beyond the borders of King County and this is why we are calling on Congress. It is of immediate importance that we secure federal funding for both the interim and permanent fix for the Howard Hanson Dam."

March 8, 2010
Councilmembers encouraged by "Blueprint for Reform" presented by County Executive
"I am impressed with the substantive strategic plan that Executive Constantine and his staff put forth today. I agree with his focus on government reform; King County can best respond to the fiscal crisis by reforming how it does business."

January 4, 2010
Council appoints Jan Drago to fill vacancy in Council District 8
"The residents of King County will benefit from Jan's experience, especially when it comes to addressing the 2011 budget,"