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2011 – News about Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer

View 2011 press releases from Councilmember von Reichbauer.

November 9, 2011
County Council approves "humane, efficient" 2012 King County Budget
"This budget reflects the challenging economic climate facing all of King County's citizens. In the end, we have created a fair and humane budget while confronting the tough decision for our future."

October 24, 2011
Council approves funds to maintain and expand 737 production in Washington
"This funding represents the county's commitment to keeping aerospace jobs in our region."

October 21, 2011
Statement from County Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer on the passing of Senator Scott White
"While Scott and I represented different portions of the County and had different political backgrounds, I considered him a close friend and ally in making government accountable in our region."

August 30, 2011
County leaders unite on anti-gang violence initiative
"South King County has become a battleground for some gangs from other areas of the Puget Sound region. We must present a unified front - urban, suburban and rural - to fight this growing problem."

August 19, 2011
King County Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer holds informational town hall on Pacific Raceways legislation

August 15, 2011
Councilmembers "disappointed" by Council's decision to deny public vote on car tabs
"Voters have made it known through the initiative process that they wish to cap car tab fees, and I believe that any altering of this should be done by a vote of the people."

August 11, 2011
Councilmember von Reichbauer to host informational Town Hall on Pacific Raceways legislation
"This informational meeting is not to provide a forum for debate between proponents and opponents of Pacific Raceways expansion. Instead, this will be an opportunity for the community to present questions and have them answered by professional county staff."

July 25, 2011
County Council approves eligibility criteria for detention alternative for criminal defendants awaiting trial
"This legislation will enhance public safety by reducing the liability of dangerous individuals reentering our communities while they await trial."

July 11, 2011
New vision for public transportation in King County with Council adoption of transit strategic plan
"These changes implemented by the transit strategic plan reflect the critical reviews that are being made by our local government in an effort to operate in a sustainable and productive way."

June 22, 2011
von Reichbauer recommends Auburn resident to King County Mental Health Advisory Board

March 9, 2011
Regional leaders support renewal of King County Veterans and Human Services Levy
"The Veterans and Human Services Levy has helped improve and widen access to services for veterans and others in King County. The support for the Levy is a reflection of the commitment of our citizens to the service of veterans in our region."

February 28, 2011
Councilmembers, Executive ready to work together toward "One King County"
"The Executive has shown a willingness to reach out to all constituencies in the County. Today's address focused on the importance of our suburban, rural and unincorporated communities."

February 14, 2011
County Council recognizes history and contributions of African-Americans
"Black History Month gives us the opportunity to acknowledge the life contributions and accomplishments of African-American people throughout the history of our nation. And every February we are able to reach more people and establish relationships with other cultures through the knowledge and understanding of Black History Month."

January 7, 2011
Dunn, von Reichbauer: Governor's ferry plan won't float
"This is a Trojan horse that should not be permitted in. King County is struggling to maintain basic services and we do not need nor can we afford this."

January 3, 2011
Bipartisan coalition introduces proposal for renewal of Veterans and Human Services Levy
"It is important that we do everything we can as a community to help serve those who have served us, because there is no greater calling for the citizens of this country than to look after and care for those brave individuals who have served under our flag and sacrificed themselves to protect us."