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2015 – News about Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer

View 2015 press releases from Councilmember von Reichbauer.

December 14, 2015
County Council, Elections partner in making voting more convenient and accessible
“Voter turnout has been extremely low, and providing citizens the opportunity to have their voice heard through expanding additional ballot drop box locations may increase participation in the election process.”

December 14, 2015
Council approves projects to receive $2 million in water quality grants
“Water quality plays a vital role in our region, and teaching future generations its importance will help us be good stewards to our local water systems. I am pleased to provide the City of Federal Way funds to provide an educational program implemented in several classrooms.”

December 14, 2015
County Council approves appointment of Dawn Thomas to King County Personnel Board
“Dawn Thomas comes to us with many years of experience in personnel and human resource matters. I am pleased to have someone with her depth and breadth of knowledge on the Board.”

November 23, 2015
Preserving, renovating and creating art and heritage facilities in Auburn and Federal Way
“Today’s vote will help strengthen the arts and heritage programs of South King County and confirms the importance these arts centers will have on our region. These centers will be great venues for cultural events benefiting visitors of all ages, and will enrich the lives of future generations.”

November 18, 2015
47th Legislative District members guest at “Good Eggs” Breakfast

November 9, 2015
County Council recognizes Green River College’s “Golden Anniversary”
“For the past 50 years, Green River College has brought students throughout South King County and all over the world together to learn, grow and enrich their lives. The board of trustees, faculty and staff continue to support students in programs vital to our local economy, including Aviation Technology and Information Technology. Go Gators!” 

October 21, 2015
Discussing Metro’s vision for future transportation needs  

October 19, 2015
Council approves transit route overhaul
“Increasing bus service in south King County will help provide more efficient and easier commutes for many local residents going to and from Seattle. As our commute times get longer and more congested, it is critical to develop viable options for our commuters.”

October 12, 2015
County Council celebrates and recognizes value of workers with disabilities
“It is our responsibility as elected officials to ensure that every individual in our community has access to basic services and the opportunity to obtain employment, regardless of disability. By empowering our community, these individuals stand to gain a wealth of knowledge and self-worth that will encourage them to positively contribute to society.”

July 28, 2015
Former teacher, Lee Ann Prielipp of Federal Way appointed to Harborview Medical Center Board of Trustees
“Lee Ann brings to the Harborview Medical Center Board a strong, analytic background from her involvement in educational organizations and her service on state-wide boards.”

July 20, 2015
County Council unanimously confirms appointment of Patty Hayes as Director of Public Health – Seattle & King County
“Last year, Patty Hayes and leaders of South King County worked together to keep the Auburn and Federal Way Public Health clinics open. These clinics are vital to provide the most vulnerable members of our community with much needed healthcare, and her leadership helped keep these clinics open.”

July 6, 2015
Councilmember von Reichbauer presents WSU Regent with recognition honoring the late WSU President Elson Floyd
“President Floyd was a man for all seasons, and an advocate for all sections of our state. He was a true visionary—and his vision was for the entire state.”

June 23, 2015
Federal Way Street named “Pete von Reichbauer Way S” during Federal Way’s 25th Anniversary Celebration
“I feel sorry for the officer who has to write a traffic ticket listing the street, but am grateful to the city of Federal Way.”

June 17, 2015
King County Sheriff John Urquhart meets with South King County leaders at monthly Good Eggs Breakfast roundtable discussion
June 15, 2015
South King County’s 26th Annual Flag Day Celebration honors Korean General Nam Pyo Park
“On this day we recognize the meaning of the American Flag and all that it represents. We salute our flag and give thanks to all of those who have served, whether it be in the military or as public safety officers, to protect the freedoms that we enjoy.”

June 15, 2015

County Council approves new priorities for assisting children and youth
“We must engage youth in leadership programs at a young age to help them become better citizens as adults.”  

June 8, 2015
Council recognizes program supplying retired County vans to organizations throughout the region
“In 1996, I introduced legislation which transferred used passenger vans to nonprofit organizations and local governments that meet the needs of low-income, elderly, disabled and young people in our community. Retired vans will continue to provide critical lifelines to local nonprofits, and improve the quality of life for many of our region’s residents.”

May 26, 2015
von Reichbauer presents largest eye glasses donation to Federal Way lions Club in honor of Sharon Darrigan
"Being in a position to provide proper eyewear to those who need it most is an exceptional privilege. It is an even greater honor to donate the largest amount of glasses to date in honor of Bob Darrigan’s late wife, Sharon Darrigan.”

May 13, 2015
Senator Joe Fain, Sound Transit’s Mike Harbour special guests at Good Eggs Breakfast in Federal Way
“Looking toward the future, transportation needs in South King County is vital to our region’s economic development to recruit job-producing businesses to our communities, and also provide commuters a reliable mode of transportation to and from work. Providing information on many issues facing South King County in a timely manner is key to creating a strong foundation to build on.”

May 11, 2015
Recognizing officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice
“In discussing police work, there has been far too much discussion of race and not enough about service. Black and white officers have recently been shot at or killed in the line of service to their communities. This proclamation is a small token of respect for those who serve us every day in uniform.”

May 6, 2015
Jim Zorn helps raise over $60,000 at Boys & Girls Club Breakfast
“I am pleased with the amount we were able to raise for South King County kids. Youth programs like the Boys & Girls Club help keep our youth out of the juvenile justice system and offer stable after-school programs that help shape their future.”

May 1, 2015
Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer receives Bill Kyle Service Award
“Receiving this award from Bill's granddaughter, Cristina Orsini and his widow, Dolores Kyle made it even more personal and special. The Chamber named this award for Bill Kyle because of his service to the City of Auburn and the Green River Valley.”

April 27, 2015
von Reichbauer statement on proposed Tukwila arena
“Ray Bartoszek not only brings his ideas to the table, he brings his own wallet.”

April 27, 2015
County employees prepare for “working retirement” Council approves transfer of surplus vanpool van to organizations throughout King County
“Over the last two decades countless young adults, senior citizens, and disabled members of our community have benefitted from the van donation program. As the original sponsor of this program in 1995, I look forward to its future support of so many worthwhile programs in King County.”

April 27, 2015
Collaboration for the next generation: County Council hears from County Executive on efforts to assist young people

“Programs discussed by Executive Constantine today highlight the social needs we face as King County Councilmembers.”

April 15, 2015
Flood District Chair Reagan Dunn speaks at Good Eggs Breakfast meeting in Auburn discussing flooding issues in South King County
“Today, we continue the work we started in 2007 with the development of the King County Flood District, to protect citizens and property from injury and damage from natural disasters. The Green River Valley plays a major role in the economy of the Puget Sound Region, and helping to protect it in the case of flooding is vital to the safety and economic stability of the region.” 

April 1, 2015
von Reichbauer statement on Larry Phillips
“The experience Larry brought to the Council included working for the King County Executive and serving in the state legislature. That experience has been put to great use by Larry in his work on the County Council and for not only his constituents, but all of King County.”

March 18, 2015
Councilmember von Reichbauer hosts King County Assessor Lloyd Hara at monthly breakfast meeting
Hara discussed with community leaders from South King County how property values are assessed and the work they do to determine property values. Through physical inspections, current real estate market, and any levy that is connected with that location is used to determine a property’s tax valuation.

March 3, 2015
Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer to Receive Municipal League Public Official of the Year Award
“I am particularly honored to receive this award because two previous recipients were personal friends and professional heroes of mine. Dr. Bill Gerberding served as President of the University of Washington from 1979 to 1995, and continued to serve our region until we lost him this past December. King County Prosecutor Norm Maleng was a respected national leader in criminal justice reform, who never lost touch with his hometown roots.”

February 11, 2015
von Reichbauer welcomes Attorney General Ferguson for monthly Good Eggs breakfast

January 26, 2015
Metropolitan King County Council declares "See Blue Week"
“Without owner Paul Allen stepping up to purchase the Seahawks after a period of lost games and losing attendance, our region would not be able to experience this dream together as a family united under the banner of 12. With 7,000 nonprofit organizations supported and over 1,000 community service appearances, the Seattle Seahawks under Paul Allen are showing what a class act organization is supposed to look like on and off the field.”

January 21, 2015
Skittles for Speaker Chopp
In the first Good Eggs Breakfast of 2015, Metropolitan King County Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer welcomed Representative Frank Chopp (D-Seattle), Washington State Speaker of the House. Chopp gave local civic leaders an inside look at the challenging 2015 legislative session.