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Power monitoring upgrades

Learn about power monitoring network upgrades at West Point to increase the reliability and resiliency of the plant’s electrical systems.

Project update

This project reached substantial completion in October of 2023.

Project description

As part of our comprehensive system maintenance, we are upgrading the West Point power monitoring network to improve reliability of the treatment plant’s electrical systems. These upgrades will also increase resiliency, including connecting existing power monitors throughout the plant, which better allows plant operators to analyze data and detect any problems. The upgrades also allow for future connectivity of new devices such as uninterruptible power supply equipment (see our power quality improvement project).

The project will further improve the power monitoring network quality by creating a dedicated power monitoring communication network. The dedicated network will replace the obsolete power meters with more advanced and reliable power meters and will allow for communication with all power meters across the plant to support seamless integration with the entire power monitoring system. This will enable site personnel to extract/analyze data and operate and monitor the health of critical plant assets. ensuring that the system operates reliably for decades to come.

Project schedule

Construction on the project took place from 2022 to 2023. It has now reached substantial completion.