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Request for doing business on-site

Find information about requirements for doing business on-site at West Point, including a link to the West Point On-Site Request Form.

All non-Wastewater Treatment Division staff (consultants, contractors, vendors, suppliers, etc.) conducting business at West Point must request access to be on-site at least 14 days in advance via the West Point On-Site Request Form

Note: This access form is for businesses currently doing work at West Point and should not be used by the general public or by businesses seeking to perform future work at West Point. Businesses seeking to perform future work at West Point should visit our Procurement & Payables webpage.

Requirements for entering West Point:

  • Requests should be completed and submitted at least 14 days prior to the on-site date, and may be denied. If access is required with less than 14 calendar days of notice, then submit the on-site request form and work with your contact at West Point to discuss.
  • All requests should be coordinated with a staff member working at the West Point, this is referred to as your “West Point Contact Name.”
  • All visitors to the West Point must comply with the King County WTD Facility Entry Protocols for entering WTD Treatment Plants, Pump Stations, Regulator Stations, Miscellaneous Structures, or Conveyance Pipelines.
  • This form is not required for visits related to ongoing construction activities at the West Point.
  • Only one form is needed per firm. A single form will cover approval for multiple people visiting from the same firm. Please coordinate and only submit one form per firm for your visit(s).
  • Note that parking at the West Point is extremely limited. Please reduce the number of cars to a minimum. Free public parking is available nearby in Discovery Park to consolidate cars.

West Point On-Site Request Form