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List of pets reported as FOUND

Below is a list of the animals that have been brought into RASKC as strays, picked up as deceased, or found by someone in the community and held at their home for the owner. Some of these pets are available for adoption because their holding period has expired.

If your missing pet is in this list, please visit the Pet Adoption Center in Kent during our normal business hours. If a pet does not have a King County pet license, is not wearing their license tag, or if we cannot return it home right away, we will impound the animal and house it at the Pet Adoption Center for safekeeping. Unlicensed stray animals or animals not wearing their license tag are held for three days to allow owners to redeem them. Licensed pets wearing their tags are held for five days.

If you have found a pet that is not on this list, help us reunite them with their owner by submitting a Found Pet report.