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Domestic violence resources – Prosecuting Attorney’s Office

Find out more about the signs and forms of domestic violence and where to get help.

What is domestic violence

Learn more about what domestic violence is and the forms it may take in a relationship.

Domestic violence and children

Impact of domestic violence on children - Victim services

Firearms and domestic violence

Learn more about how to get help if you are in a domestic violence situation, or don't feel safe, with a gun in your home.

Domestic violence organizations

Information about national and local organizations that support victims and survivors of domestic violence.

Safety tips and planning

Learn how to plan ahead and approach keeping you and your loved ones safe in the home and outside it after a domestic violence incident.

Strangulation information

Learn more about the signs of strangulation, how to properly report it, and where to get a Strangulation Forensic Nurse Exam.

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