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Victim advocacy – Prosecuting Attorney’s Office

Learn more about types of abuse and how to get help.

Victim advocates

Learn more about what our Victim Services Specialists, also called Victim Advocates, can do and how to contact them.

Competency evaluation and restoration in legal cases

Learn more about competency, court evaluations, and how it affects the outcome of a case.

Victim Bills of Rights

Learn what rights crime, child, and dependent victims have under their specific bills of rights.

Crime victimization and trauma

Learn more about how crime victimization and trauma affects adults and children with tips to help.

Domestic violence

Find out more about the signs and forms of domestic violence and where to get help.

U-Visa and T-Visa certification

Learn more about how the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office can assist you with U-Visa and T-Visa certifications.

Victim impact statements

Learn more about what victim impact statements are, how they are shared and who writes them.

Elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation

Learn more about how vulnerable and elderly adults can get help in King County.


Information about the elements of stalking and resources for stalking victims.