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Protection orders and victim support

Learn more about protection orders through the Protection Order Advocacy Program (POAP) of the Prosecuting Attorney's Office. Start your protection order using the King County Protection Order Portal (POP).

What is a protection order?

A protection order is a type of "restraining order" that you, (the petitioner), can file against another person, (the respondent), who is committing harm. It is a civil court order (that you can request), issued by a judge, meant to protect you from another person committing harm against you.

There are several different types of Civil Protection Orders available in Washington, and the order you choose depends on the type of harm you are experiencing and the relationship that you have with the person that you are experiencing the harm from.

Learn about protection orders

Learn more about what a different types of protection order can and cannot do for you or a loved one.

Speak to an advocate

Protection Order Advocates provide free assistance to individuals seeking a domestic violence protection order. Our Protection Order Navigators can answer basic questions related to all Civil Protection Orders.

Start your protection order petition

Learn how to file a petition to ask a judge to grant a civil protection order for you or on behalf of a child or vulnerable adult.