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Learn more about how Protection Order Advocates provide free assistance to individuals seeking a domestic violence protection order. Our Protection Order Navigators can answer basic questions related to all Civil Protection Orders.

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Protection Order Navigators

Our Protection Order Navigators are trained to answer basic questions and help:

  • The civil protection order process
  • Our online Protection Order Portal, where you can complete your forms online
  • Community resources that might be able to assist you
  • Assess your eligibility to meet with one of our Domestic Violence Protection Order Advocates
  • Provide basic instructions on filing procedures
  • Make relevant referrals to community resources

Protection Order Advocates

Our Domestic Violence Protection Order Advocates give one-one-one help. Currently, due to capacity, our advocates are only able to assist individuals who are seeking protection from a current or former intimate partner or parents filing on behalf of their children.

Protection Order Advocates can:

  • Explain and answer questions about the civil protection order process
  • Assist you in determining which civil protection order best addresses the harm you are experiencing
  • Give info on domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking behaviors and the legal definitions
  • Assist you in completing your protection order forms
  • Prepare you for your protection order court hearings
  • Explore options for serving protection orders
  • Provide emotional support through the process
  • Assist you with developing a safety plan
  • Troubleshoot problems and answer questions you have about your order
  • Help you identify risks
  • Connect you with community domestic violence and social services in the community

How to reach us

Our advocates work with petitioners by phone, email or Zoom, and in-person, by appointment. Some walk-in assistance available but may be limited due to capacity

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