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Start your protection order petition

Learn how to get the forms and instructions for a protection order online or in person.

What to expect

Although you will need to file with either the King County Superior Court or District Court for your protection order petition, we can help you gather the needed information.

Filing a protection order guide (369KB)

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Fill out your protection order forms online

Filing for a Civil Protection Order can be overwhelming. The King County Protection Order Portal (POP) is an easy-to-use way to file including built in tools, helpful videos, and resources.

Create an account

  1. Before you complete your forms online, you must create an account with our Login KC system.
  2. Select the Sign Up Now link (below the Sign In button and highlighted in green on the image)
    Screenshot of the King County login screen with the Sign up now link highlighted in green.
  3. Create an account by filling in a:
    • Username
      • Select the Verification Code button and follow the directions sent to your email address before continuing. The subject line will be "King County B2C Prod account email verification code"
    • Password
    • Display Name
    • First Name
    • Last Name
  4. Select the Create button.
  5. After you create your account, select the POP application, labeled "PAO-VICTIM-PROD."
    Screenshot of the Application Portal page after you login to the system.
  6. You will need to verify your phone number for security before you start your protection order.
  7. Once your input the verification code sent to your phone, you will be taken to the King County Protect Order application and can start your protection order petition.

How it works

Determine if a protection order is right for you

A protection order is only 1 tool in a greater safety plan. A civil protection order may not be the safest next step for all victims. Connect with a protection order advocate, community advocate, attorney to discuss your options. 

Start your application

Create a secure profile, using a safe email address, and then confirm your eligibility, and select the order that best suits your needs and situation.

Fill out your paperwork

Complete the online questionnaire to generate the required documents for your civil protection order. Take advantage of helpful resources and simple question and answer format to simplify your process.

File completed forms

Where you file your forms depends on what protection order you're seeking.

In either District or Superior Court, you can fille for a:

  • Anti-harassment protection order 
  • Domestic violence protection order
  • Sexual assault protection order
  • Extreme Risk protection order (temporary)

Only District Court has a stalking protection order. 

Learn more about District Court's protection order instructions

Only Superior Court only has a vulnerable adult protection order.

Learn how to file online with Superior Court