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2020 King County Comprehensive Plan and Skyway-West Hill CSA Subarea Plan

2020 King County Comprehensive Plan and Skyway-West Hill CSA Subarea Plan

On July 24, 2020, the King County Council adopted the 2020 update to the 2016 The King County Comprehensive Plan as Ordinance 19146. At the meeting, the Council voted on individual amendments to Comprehensive Plan and then voted to approve the legislation, as amended.

All of the amendments that were considered by the Council, as well as their pass/fail status, can be found on the Amendments page of the Comprehensive Plan website.

About the King County Comprehensive Plan

The King County Comprehensive Plan is the guiding policy document for land use and development regulations in unincorporated King County, and for regional services throughout the County including transit, sewers, parks, trails, and open space.

The King County Code (K.C.C. 20.18.030) allows for updates to the Comprehensive Plan King County's review schedule includes annual, midpoint, and eight-year updates. The annual update allows for limited changes, technical corrections, adoption of subarea plans, and adoption of land use changes that do not amend the Urban Growth Area. The midpoint update, an optional update authorized for year 4 of the eight-year cycle, is limited to what is included in motion describing the scope of work. The eight-year update is a full review and update to the entire Comprehensive Plan, and is mandated by the Growth Management Act requirements. The midpoint update and eight-year update consider a broader substantive policy changes and potential revisions to the Urban Growth Area.

The current plan is the 2016 Comprehensive Plan, which was adopted by the King County Council on December 5, 2016 and was amended in 2017 by Ordinance 18623, in 2018 by Ordinance 18810, and in 2020 by Ordinance 19146. The 2016 Comprehensive Plan was the fifth major update to the King County Comprehensive Plan.


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