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Winery/Brewery/Distillery Code Update

Winery/Brewery/Distillery Code Update

On December 4, 2019, the King County Council adopted Ordinance 19030, which updated development regulations related to wineries, breweries and distilleries in unincorporated King County.

The Council currently considering three Proposed Ordinances that would modify the regulations in Ordinance 19030. 

Proposed Ordinance 2022-0147 and Proposed Ordinance 2022-0148 would modify the regulations adopted in Ordinance 19030.

Proposed Ordinance 2022-0146 would rescind the changes made by Ordinance 19030 and replace it with the regulations in the former code that existed prior to adoption of Ordinance 19030.

Provide your comment on the Winery/Brewery/Distillery Code Update

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Local Services and Land Use Committee Materials

Listed below are the committee meeting materials related to review of the proposed winery/brewery/distillery development regulations update. Materials will be posted as they become available.

March 22, 2022
Committee Packet

May 11, 2022
Committee Packet

May 24, 2022
Committee Packet 

Public Hearing Notice

A public hearing notice has been issued for Proposed Ordinance 2022-0147.  The full Council will hold a public hearing on June 14, 2022.  Information on how to participate in the meeting can be found here:  

Published Public Hearing Notice 
Map Amendment 1 
Conceptual Map Amendment

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