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Housing Repair Quarterly Reports

Housing Repair Quarterly Reports

Reports on Dollars Invested by Area

2022 Second Quarter Combined Amounts Report

2022 First Quarter Combined Amounts Report

2021 Fourth Quarter Combined Amounts Report

2021 Third Quarter Combined Amounts Report

2021 second Quarter Combined Amounts Report

2021 First Quarter Combined Amounts Report 

2020 Fourth Quarter Combined Amounts Report 

2020 Third Quarter Combined Amounts Report

2020 Second Quarter Combined Amounts Report 

2020 First Quarter Combined Amounts Report 





FAQs about this report

Funded means that money has been set aside (committed) to specific individual rehabilitation/repair projects during the reporting period. These funds are not available to other individuals until the project has been completed and if there is an unspent balance remaining.

Projects may have been funded in previous years, with money spent in the current year.
Money can come from a variety of sources. Our office administers Community Development Block Grant Funds and HOME partnership funds for this program. Both of these come from the federal government. In addition we leverage other funds on occasion including state and federal weatherization, private homeowner funds and others. All of these sources are included in this report.
There can several reasons for this. Some cities don't have a lot of income eligible households, some may have their own home repair programs, and in some instances we need to do a better job of making people aware of services.

Reports on the Number of Home Repairs in Process

2022 Second Quarter Activity Report

2022 First Quarter Activity Report

2021 fourth Quarter Activity Report

2021 Third Quarter Activity Report

2021 Second Quarter Activity Report

2021 First Quarter Activity Report

2020 Fourth Quarter Activity Report 

2020 Third Quarter Activity Report

2020 Second Quarter Activity Report 

2020 First Quarter Activity Report 



FAQs about this report

The number of new applications includes those applications that were received during the reported period. In the other categories the applications may or may not have been initiated but their status changed during the reporting period.
A new application is one where the applicant has applied for assistance during the reporting period. They may or may not have participated in the program previously.
An approved application is one that has been approved, has been determined to be eligible for assistance, received competitive bids for eligible work, selected their contractor, signed loan documents (when a loan is involved) and funds have been earmarked for payment for that work.
These are applications that have either been determined ineligible for assistance or cancelled by the applicant.
A pending application is one where the application has been initiated but has not been either approved or cancelled. Typically a final eligibility has not been determined or the applicant has not received and selected a competitive contractor's bid.
A completed application is one where the repair/rehabilitation is complete and the contractor(s) performing the work has been paid in full.
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