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Resources and response

Resources and response

Water Quality Trouble Call Program

When responding to water quality emergencies, there are a variety of resources available to the the Trouble Call Program.  We have a dedicated response vehicle equipped with booms and pads for small-scale cleanup and containment.  For larger responses, the program has the ability to tap into resources from the Environmental Services Unit of King County's Environmental Laboratory and the expertise of water quality planners from the Water and Land Resources Division.

The Trouble Call Program supports the King County Wastewater Treatment Division 24 hours/7 days a week.  If there is a wastewater emergency, the program will respond as needed to provide sampling support, lab analysis and data coordination.

Resources include:

  • Use of 44' research vessel, Liberty, and 24' Chinook
  • Vehicle dedicated to 24/7 Trouble Call responses
  • Analytical services provided at the Environmental Lab
  • Chemists, microbiologists, and field scientists
  • 10' absorbent booms and pads
  • pH field meter
  • Hydrolab multi-parameter probes
  • Temperature probes
  • Handheld GPS unit
  • A variety of water quality sampling equipment
  • Digital camera
  • Laptop computer installed with ArcGIS software

For questions about this Web page, please contact Diane McElhany, Environmental Programs Section Manager, King County Environmental Lab.